The Polyclinic D-r Vanco - Vratnica is privately-held health institution which comprises of two objects: one in Vratnica and one in Jegunovce, both in the Republic of Macedonia. In juncture of the institution operate the following units:

  • 2 dental offices (one i Vratnica and one in Jegunovce)
  • Medical office for general medicine (Jegunovce)
  • Biochemical laboratory (Jegunovce)
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Our Services
General Dentistry

Teeth healing and filling,
cleaning of teeth stone, teeth whitening...

Teeth-prosthetic Works

Classical acrylic and metal dentures, porcelain crowns and bridges with and without metal...

Oral Surgery and Implantology

Teeth extraction, apicoectomies, cystectomies, impacted teeth, building in implants...

General Medicine

General medicine services,home visits, biochemical laboratory...

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